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film lighting by izik nox

Despite our advancements in technology the human eye is still far more capable of seeing dynamic range (the difference between light and shadow) than any camera. By adding light to a scene we compensate that difference to make the film/video look similar to the way we see the world. Sometimes we can also apply stylized lighting. This can greatly enhance the visual aspect of the story, for instance: We can change the mood of a scene by using colored lighting, or by giving clues about the character’s emotional state at a particular time, based on the amount of light present and the direction it is coming from.

film editing by izik nox

Editing can significantly change the pace and mood of a story. Like the words in a sentence; the selection and arrangementof the frames and scenes have a major role to play in how the message is portrayed within. Exceptional editing is the ability to arrange the footage you have on hand to tell a great story.

color grading by izik nox

Also known as Color Correction/Balancing, is the adjustment of color, exposure and other nuances of the footage, to properly portray the desired tone of the scene. By manipulating parts of the color spectrum, we can greatly enhance the overall look and feel of the project. On larger projects, there are hundreds of scenes in a production. Some are filmed on different days and in different locations. The footage needs to undergo a visual adjustments process, to make it look like the scenes where all seamlessly filmed under the same conditions. This process is called Color Timing, and it goes hand in hand with color grading.


A single graphic may not give a full description of who we are and what we do, but it can deliver a first impression someone will have of our business or service. Having a visual representation of an idea that is both clear and inspiring, is what draws people in to seek further information, and potentially become clients.

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