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Canadian cinematographer Izik Nox
99% Of creative professionals have their bio in a third person format. I'm perfectly OK with being in that 1%. You're about to read the real story.

I donít recall a moment when I was not interested in music or motion picture. I was about 6 years old when I learned that movies and cartoons were actually made by people; and from that moment of discovery, my mind exploded with ideas of creation. Obviously with limited resources and a lack of technology at the time, my productions were limited. Never-the-less I was resourceful and used what I could, to bring my productions to life. I had created some fairly elaborate short films, some even with live special effects. For me it wasn't a matter of being able to do it. It was only a matter of figuring out how to do it with what I had.

Music for me has been a fundamental source of inspiration. Since it always accompanies films, it came to me as second nature that I should learn to compose as well. It also allowed me to shape the music to my story, instead of shaping my story to pre-recorded music. This way my work could be completed exactly the way I had envisioned it. Originality was important to me, as I am not big on the idea of copying other's ideas.

At age 15 I began a three year course of Visual Communication which included 3D Animation and Video Editing, where I excelled to the top of my class. It was nice to finally use some expensive high end equipment, although I am still a firm believer that it is experience and creativity that make a great film; not necessarily equipment. My abilities have come from dedicating my life to my craft. Working on projects both for clients as well as personal endeavors; there were countless days that I would work through the night until sun rise. I have spent the past 20 years passionate about the art of visual storytelling, using every spare moment to learn and perfect my skills, simply because it's what I love to do.

I am just a man who is in love with the human ability to bring the thoughts in our minds to life, and share them with others.

Izik Nox


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